Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability & Environment

While environmental and sustainability considerations can be time-consuming and expensive, embracing it can be a positive thing: meeting new patterns of consumer demand, unlocking efficiency savings, and improving the world around us.

Environmental Consultancy

Our environmental planners are experts in producing Environmental Statements, offering a range of related consultancy services, from advising on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) to liaising with planning authorities over submission.

As well as preparing Environmental Statements, we have experience of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Appropriate Assessment (AA), and Sustainability Appraisal (SA), for public as well as private clients.


Economic & Social Consultancy

A number of our planners and planning surveyors have expertise in both economic and social analysis, and in translating such analysis into effective planning documents.

Working together with our Research teams, our economic and social experts are able to offer a wide range of consultancy reports, including:

  • Demographic analysis
  • Economic impact assessment
  • EIA input
  • Local Economic Assessment
  • Retail capacity and impact assessment
  • Social infrastructure assessment


Sustainability Consultancy

We offer a very wide range of sustainability support to businesses: everything from energy efficiency assessments on new buildings, through to replanning distribution networks to improve efficiency and reduce transportation.


Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Both Government and the public now expect businesses to ensure compliance not only with the letter of the law, but the spirit too. Increasingly, they are also expected to take a lead too. This requires action on many fronts, many of which have a real estate dimension.

We can help you define your CSR aims and goals;benchmark your organisation against others and relevant legislative requirements; measure results by developing a range of appropriate Key Performance Indicators ; and communicate and report the outcomes efficiently and effectively.


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