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Spotlight: London Development April 2017
London’s future homes and
workplaces – the next five years

4 April 2017

To remain a successful and competitive city, and to meet the demand from its growing economy and workforce, London needs both more affordably priced homes and workspace

London has been resilient to the aftershocks of the EU referendum. Venture capital is still being actively targeted into the city at a far more aggressive rate than competitor cities.

There is great potential for more office space in outer London. This will accommodate mid-range rents that cater for the expanding range of occupiers.


London needs more affordably priced homes. Failure to deliver these poses a major risk to the capital’s economic competitiveness at both a domestic and international level.  

Policy intervention is required in order to reach the level of homes needed and shift the focus to the lower-value markets. Our analysis shows that current development models have let the market reach capacity, with net completions in 2017 expected to peak at 46,500.

New market-delivery models are needed. More Build to Rent and affordable housing is required, but London requires fundamental changes to the ways in which land is brought forward.

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