UK Student Housing


The student housing market sector continues to be attractive to investors and has witnessed a surge of activity over the past two years.

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The UK's student housing sector


We have witnessed a massive surge in student housing investment activity over the last two years.

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A flight to quality or just a blip?


Student numbers appear to be recovering, but a close look at the figures shows evidence of a flight to quality emerging.

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Students and the housing crisis


Purpose-built student accommodation could play a part in easing the problems in the wider housing market.

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Independent Scotland


There is a lack of certainty over the position of tuition fees in the event of Scotland gaining independence.

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International students and housing stock


Competition from private sector providers has led to an improvement in the quality of accomodation that is provided by the universities.

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University town and city rankings


Our updated ranking system considers the potential for future development of purpose build student accommodation in each location.

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The London supply pipeline


As house prices and rent increases we expect a greater demand for purpose-built student accommodation in and around the capital.


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