Candy Report
Global Prime Sector


A detailed analysis of the residential Global Prime Sector.

Global demand for ultra-prime property


The continued growth in the number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals around the world has fuelled a demand for ultra-prime residential properties in key global cities.

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The future for ultra-high-net-worth individuals


What does the future hold for UHNWIs around the world and what effect will this have on global prime properties in our four key cities?

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All in the numbers


What are the true costs for overseas buyers and sellers?

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Focus on London


The fundamentals of demand for ultra-prime property in central London are strong for the future so long as London remains a global financial and business centre.

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Focus on New York


Investors looking for income as well as capital growth see the Big Apple increasingly as a good value play, especially if they also see a potential for US economic recovery.

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Focus on Hong Kong


This is the interface for mainland China and the demand from cash-rich buyers has buoyed all sectors of the market with the demand for trophy assets setting global records.

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Focus on Singapore


A strong fully priced market buoyed by a strong economy and one of the highest home ownership rates in the world makes Singapore a firm favourite with overseas buyers.

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At your leisure


It's a mixed performance from global leisure properties.


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