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Around the World in Dollars and Cents


How private money moves around the real estate world.

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This report examines how money is flowing into real estate globally, and it shows how important private has become.

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The world of real estate


We estimate the total value of global real estate.

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Trends in wealth and real estate


For centuries, power, wealth and land have been inextricably linked.

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The rise of private wealth in real estate


The importance of private wealth in large real estate transactions around the world has grown nearly threefold since 2009.

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Private vs corporate investment


We analyse investment flows on commercial deals greater than $10 million

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The bricks and mortar billionaires


The creation of wealth by real estate entrepreneurs may not be especially large on the global stage at present but it is extremely lucrative.

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A world of choice


Big ticket investors share a penchant for offices, retail and residential in most places except Asia where land is king.

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Who buys what, where


Not only has the participation of private sector investment increased, but the importance of certain global regions in real estate has increased too.

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Regional trends


Wealthy Europeans and Asians are the most likely to influence the world of real estate directly and increasingly they are turning their attention to cross-border deals.

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