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Value of the UK’s housing stock

£7.14 trillion

This would buy you Google, the International space station, the top 20 UK housebuilders, all the oil left in the North Sea, all bitcoin in circulation, Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s all companies in the FTSE100 and FTSE250, the top 15 mortgage lenders and the English Premier League

The value of the UK's housing stock grew to £7.14 trillion by 2017 81% of the value of the UK's housing stock is from house price growth, compared with only 19% from house building2017: £62bn of housing was added to the UK's stock87% of the last 10 year's value growth came from London and the SouthLondon's share of UK housing value has grown from 19 - 25% between 2007-2017The value of London housing has grown by 75.3% between 2007-2017Edinburgh, Birmingham and Barnet were fastest growing, in terms of housing value, in 2017In 2017 London's share of housing value fell for the first time since 2005The value of home in the private rented sector has doubled between 2007-20172016 was the first time private landlords owned more housing equity than mortgaged owner-occupiers95% of total growth in housing wealth came from the equity of private landlords
Sources: Savills Research, Google Finance, UK Finance   Note: Pricing correct as of 8 January 2018
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