how we can help you let your property

How we can help you let your property

Letting your home is a great way to enable you to move without selling.

You might be moving temporarily for your job or due to a change in your personal circumstances. Whatever the reason, we can help you quickly secure a tenant, who should return your home to you in the condition you originally let it, with fair wear and tear excepted. We can also clearly explain landlord responsibilities and what that means for you.

Letting in the UK

Letting your own home and letting an investment property for profit are very different and both require lettings expertise.

Tenant and landlord responsibilities and rights

To be a landlord, you need to understand tenant rights and your rights as a UK landlord. This includes the tenant living in your home safely for a set period of time in return for you as a landlord being paid the rent agreed on time.

Questions to consider before you let your home

Our lettings experts suggest you have answers to the following questions to help match your property to the right tenant:

  • How long are you likely to let your home for?
  • What are all the current costs of running your home?
  • What items do you plan to take and what are you happy to leave for tenants?
  • Have you any electrical or gas safety certificates and information on how to work heating and appliances?
  • Do you have any guarantees on the property we should be aware of?

Taking this information into consideration, our lettings and property experts will:

1. Explain what’s happening in your current local market

2. If required, survey your home to work out what work is required to let the property legally

3. Discuss the achievable rent

4. Advise on any changes you could make to the property to increase its rental potential

5. Help you decide which of our services is most suited to you

In addition we will help you understand how to be a landlord, your responsibilities and tenant rights

Protecting you and your home

There are horror stories about homeowners properties being damaged through a lack of care that can easily cause tens of thousands of pounds damage and ruin neighbourhood relations.

Our aim is to protect you and your property from the downsides of letting.

We do this through:

  • Specialist referencing we have created for high net worth individuals which for our international and busy tenants can be concluded online.
  • Understanding all of the Health & Safety legislation affecting landlords and advising you accordingly
  • Understanding any changes to landlord and tenant law via the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) Propertymark
  • Specialist rent loss insurance. Most landlord insurance will only cover you for up to £2,500 per month for loss of rent, whereas we can refer you to a specialist insurance company who have designed a bespoke policy for our clients. This will compensate you for up to £7,500 per month for loss of rent.

We have taken care of thousands of landlords’ homes and looked after their tenants to ensure a happy tenancy.

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