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Non-Renewable Generation

With increasing demands on supply, energy security becoming the primary concern and renewables are only part of the solution.

Non renewable thermal power plants, particularly the latest generation of gas and coal-fired plants are certain to continue to account for significant proportion of the UK’s generating capacity and this is likely to be the case for some time to come.

Without a credible, scaleable ‘baseload’ alternative, our coal and older gas plants will need to be replaced as they are retired if an adequate level of energy security is to be maintained.

Savills understands the current and emerging economic stimulants and regulatory frameworks that continue to shape the industry. These factors are reflected in tailored advice provided to clients at the site identification, due diligence and consenting stages and then into the operational phases of development, reacting appropriately to the individual investment and risk profiles of the client.

Whether for a generator looking to develop a plant, or landowner seeking representation, Savills offers a full range of services from strategic site searches and the acquisition of land and rights, through to Planning/ IPC applications and beyond. The Corporate Real Estate Team also has extensive experience in the management of Operational Assets. For further information click here.


We can guide the client through the entire process as follows:

  • Strategic site search and evaluation
  • Planning appraisals
  • Coordination and submission of planning and IPC applications and EIA
  • Planning appeal, CPO and expert witness services
  • Community consultations
  • Negotiation of option, lease and purchase terms
  • Negotiation of land rights for pipelines and transmission lines
  • Identification of users and negotiation of tariffs for the sale of heat
  • Marketing of developed and part developed opportunities
  • Management of operational and non operational estate
  • Advice on disposal of operational and non operational assets


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