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Hydro Power

Harnessing the power of water represents one of the oldest forms of energy. Renewable, and comparatively non-polluting, it is a significant factor in meeting green energy targets.

DECC suggested that in 2013 approximately 1.7% of the UK’s total generating capacity and approximately 22% of renewable generating capacity in Scotland was hydroelectric. 

Small scale hydroelectric projects provide significant opportunities to landowners with suitable sites, providing long term, predictable energy generation with minimal impact on other land uses.

Large-scale hydroelectric power stations are mainly the preserve of leading electricity companies and require significant due diligence exercises to ensure their delivery in almost any setting.

Despite their renewable nature, large hydro schemes can have a significant impact on their setting and therefore the strategy, site selection viability appraisals and the subsequent permitting and instigation of projects must be dealt with appropriately. 

Storage of electricity is becoming an increasingly important subject as more of UK’s capacity originates from intermittent forms of renewable generation. 

Pumped storage hydro is a well proven and reliable form of storage for large amounts of energy, supporting intermittent forms of generation in particular.

Savills is advising a number of landowners about the hydro potential of their property and can guide clients through the entire process as follows:

  • Site identification and evaluation
  • Environmental impact assessment coordination and the preparation of environmental statements
  • Preparation of supporting planning statements for small-scale proposals
  • Submission of planning applications
  • Acquisition of land and necessary rights
  • Sourcing funding
  • Grant applications

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