Our residential publications provide an insight into the different aspects of the UK housing market, following our indices, and looking at topical themes.


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Smaller properties continue to see the strongest rental growth

Bristol must address its housing and workplace shortfall to continue its economic growth

We examine Notting Hill’s diverse history, the local housing market and the outlook for the area going forward

How much do we really know about how Starter Homes will work in practice? What will future Section 106 affordable housing look like?

The Government has allocated an unprecedented £4.1bn to the delivery of shared ownership

The security of an established prime location or an emerging hotspot with long-term promise?

Short-term economic uncertainty will impact on all three sectors

Scotland has seen an increased demand for prime property in commuter locations

Housing Market Notes

11 March 2016

Fortnightly UK housing market analysis from Neal Hudson

All Publications (326 )


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