GB Agricultural Land Market Survey

Agricultural Land Market Survey
Valuing Britain

6 February 2017, by Ian Bailey

The total value of GB farmland and woodland has increased 149% over the past 10 years



Valuing Britain: total value and 10-year growth of GB farmland types

Figure 1

Source: Savills Research

Our research team has for the first time put a value on all of Great Britain’s farmland and woodland. The combined value of Britain’s 39.8 million acres is £185.7 billion – which is the equivalent to 3% of the total value of GB’s housing stock which is worth a staggering £6.69 trillion.

Our analysis of the value of the total value of farmland takes into account land grades and use and includes a discount to vacant possession for tenanted farmland. The total value of GB farmland and woodland has increased 149% over the past 10 years.

Farmland remains a safe and secure investment over the long term, whose performance is counter cyclical to residential property over the long term. It is different from many other assets in that it is tangible; you can live on it, play on it, bring up your family on it and it also offers a range of income generation opportunities.


Total value of agricultural land and woodland in 2016 (adjusted for tenure discounts)

Figure 2

Source: Defra, Scottish & Welsh Governments, Natural England (ALC), The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute (LCA) and Savills Research


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