Video: Forecasts, mansion tax and tenure

The market over the next 5 years will be clearly shaped by new taxes, reviews and regulations.

6 November 2014, words by Lucian Cook and Sophie Chick.


Mainstream Forecast

Parts of the mainstream market are cooling according to some recent evidence, and in this forecast, we look at what that means over the next 5 years and what drivers are shaping it.


Mansion Tax

The upcoming election, and the mansion tax favoured by two of the main politics parties, has already begun to have an impact on the prime markets. We've already seen how the increases in stamp duty, the closure of certain tax loop holes and the threat of further taxes slow the prime markets, both in and outside of London.



The implications of higher interest rates and greater mortgage regulation is likely to be a continued reduction in the levels of home ownership and an increase in private renting across the UK. The biggest impact will be felt by those with a head of household under 35 who will have largest change in the way they occupy property.


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