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Q4 2014

What next for house price growth?

Video: Forecasts, mansion tax and tenure


We discuss the forecast for the mainstream market, the possible impact of mansion tax and the housing tenure for each age group.

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Making sense of the 'unknown unknowns'


Political and tax changes are both on the horizon, causing uncertainty in the housing market.

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Staring into the crystal ball


There has been strong growth since mid-2013, but what is next for house prices?

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Playing politics with the prime market


As fresh details emerge about the form a mansion tax might take, we consider the market impact and less damaging alternatives.

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The introduction of mansion tax


Our five-year forecast for the prime markets if mansion tax is introduced.

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What's in store for the mainstream market?


A five-year forecast for mainstream markets across the UK.

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The shifting sands of homeownership


Our tenure forecasts chart the inexorable rise of private renting among younger households.

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Housebuilding is an election issue


Housing is high on the political agenda. But will the policies deliver the homes we need?

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Prime ministerial numbers


Of the last five prime ministers, Tony Blair oversaw the highest house price growth, 
and Margaret Thatcher the greatest levels of housebuilding.

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Prime markets forecast by region


A five-year forecast for prime markets across the UK.

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The UK rental market forecast


How will the UK rental market perform over the next five years?


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