Video: surprising results from the survey

"I realised, of course, yes, when I open the door the first thing people do is go to the window and look outside. So of course that makes perfect sense."

31 March 2014, Words by Sophie Chick and Lindsay Cuthill


In the past year, we have started to see the first currents of market electricity in the prime markets beyond London. This led us to ask what attracts people to buy in prime urban locations and their rural counterparts. The results have been fascinating.

Our brand new Spotlight on Prime Regional Residential Markets  explores what buyers want from a property and what has happened to prime property values outside of the capital. The golden age of the Country House hasn’t ended, as the traditional manor house was voted the property that most would appeal to friends. Although the reality is that the farmhouse is more attainable. Similarly, there is still demand for renovation projects, more it would seem than for new builds.

Our video below features Sophie Chick and Lindsay Cuthill, Head of the Country Department, discussing the surprising results within the report.



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