Prime Regional Residential Markets

Spring 2014

City living, country life
What attracts buyers to prime urban locations and their rural counterparts? Download the full report

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"I realised, of course, yes, when I open the door the first thing people do is go to the window and look outside. So of course that makes perfect sense."

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The first currents of market electricity


Prime country property has lagged behind London, but will the economic recovery give buyers the confidence to exploit the value gap?

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City living, country life


The recovery has finally begun in the prime regional markets but which locations are benefitting the most?

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What do buyers want from their property?


Our bespoke survey of 450 individuals looking to buy prime property outside of London gives an insight as to the changing demands in the upper echelons of the market.

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A moving experience


While many of the reasons for moving vary across the UK, quality of life is undeniably the primary motivating factor.

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Taking advantage of the value gap


As confidence in the market continues to improve, the number of Londoners moving out of the capital is rising.

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Premier performance from the great estates


Private estates have proved themselves to be strong performers in the post-credit crunch era and continue to evolve.

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Farmhouse vs Manor House


What is the cost of these two popular property types across the UK?


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