Onshore Wind in Aberdeenshire

Onshore Wind in Aberdeenshire
Growth and Performance

28 November 2016, by Nicola Buckingham

The growth of the onshore wind sector in Aberdeenshire has been exceptional


This publication provides an insight into the growth in Scotland’s onshore wind sector and takes a look at the developments in Aberdeenshire and their performance over the past decade.

■ Scotland’s geographic location and topography offers the country an ideal and enviable position to become a global leader in the generation of electricity from renewable sources.


■ Over the past decade, government incentives and improvements in technology have encouraged landowners and developers to install renewable energy sources across the UK.

■ Onshore wind is Scotland’s largest renewable power source increasing more than tenfold over the past 10 years and according to Scottish Renewables accounts for over 70% of the installed renewable energy capacity.

■ The growth of onshore wind in Aberdeenshire has been exceptional with 21% of Scotland’s total located there. This growth has largely been delivered by entrepreneurial farmers and rural businesses.

■ Performance of Scotland’s fleet of onshore wind turbines has improved over the past decade thanks largely to improved site design and technological advancements.

■ Whilst the key factor in the amount of electricity generated from an asset and therefore the financial return is the available wind resource, there is much that can be done by operators to improve electrical and financial outputs.

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Onshore wind in Aberdeenshire

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