Income growth across the UK

Income sources vary significantly between regions.

16 January 2013, Words by Ian Bailey


The results of our English survey show a similar pattern of gross income growth, although growth was more constrained at 2% to £200 per acre (£494 per ha). However, as Graph 6 illustrates, there was significant variation between regions.


Location is a key factor contributing to the opportunities presented to individual estates. It is important to focus on the resources which offer the best potential for future income streams within an estate’s locality. Agriculture and Residential are the fundamental income streams in Scotland and the eastern regions of England, whereas other assets squeeze the agricultural contribution to less than a quarter of gross income across the southern regions.

The average estate in the south east of England derives 47% of its income from residential property and a further 20% from commercial assets. Income from leisure related activities is unsurprisingly strongest in the south west of England, where it contributes 7% of gross income.


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