Sporting, leisure and woodland incomes

The South West contributed greatly to the sporting and leisure incomes.

17 September 2012, Words by Ian Bailey


Average income from all leisure sources on ’All Estates’ represented 4% of gross income in 2012 falling from the 5% recorded in 2010. Income from this source amounted to £7.50 per acre (£18.50 per ha) in 2012, down -9.3% from 2011.

Location is key and the South West and South East of England recorded the highest levels of income from this sector at £15 per acre (£37 per ha) and £13 per acre (£32 per ha) respectively.

The weak economic climate has clearly had an effect on this sector. This is very evident in the key tourist area of the South West of England, where income of over £23 per acre (£57 per ha) was recorded in 2009.

Woodland income

Estate woodland is still under-utilised; with our survey showing that on the average estate this sector again made no real contribution to gross income.

Considering that 11% of the average estate is woodland it would appear that this is a resource which is worth more exploration. Potential opportunities might include renewable energy, firewood, woodland grants and leisure projects.

Sporting income

Our survey recorded a 25% increase in sporting income to
£3.35 per acre (£8.28 per ha) with the highest average sporting income recorded in the South West of England at £4.65 per acre
(£11.50 per ha).

There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that some inefficiently run shoots have been disbanded or let which may account for the survey’s improved result.


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