Spotlight: The Future of
Glasgow's Real Estate

The Future of Glasgow's Real Estate
The future of Glasgow's real estate

2 February 2017, by Savills Research

Mixed-use schemes and regeneration will determine how we will live, work and socialise in Scotland’s largest city


■ Public sector investment has supported economic growth and will encourage private sector investment and development.

■ Retail, leisure and other occupiers are consolidating around transport links and Buchanan Street, creating a strong amenity offering in this central core.


■ Suburban local authorities are providing 87% of new housing supply in Greater Glasgow despite the city of Glasgow having the strongest projected household growth.

■ Mixed-use development in key areas in the city centre will bring forward much needed new residential, office and leisure space and drive change in how we work, live and socialise.

■ Infrastructure investments are creating, and reinforcing, demand for industrial sheds, business parks and residential development along key routes.

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