Spotlight: Arable Benchmarking Survey
Harvest 2015

Arable Benchmarking Survey
Arable Benchmarking Survey - Harvest 2015

20 June 2016, by Ian Bailey

Wide range of results shows opportunities for improved performance.


■ Ideal growing conditions during the Harvest 2015 crop year increased crop yields for a second year running despite a challenging harvest.

■ Our research shows a reduction in average power, machinery and labour costs and in particular savings were made in energy and labour costs compared with the previous two harvests.

■ The survey recorded a wide range of performance indicating opportunities for improvement.

■ Crop prices have continued to fall since the highs of 2012 and this continued to squeeze crop margins despite higher yields and lower costs.

■ Contract Farming Agreements, on average, provide the best returns through lower costs for landowners but operator expertise is key


■ Our analysis clearly shows the opportunity for improved efficiencies and performance by the range of results recorded.


About the Survey

This report presents the results of our Arable Benchmarking Survey for Harvest 2015. The results are for in-hand and contract farming agreement (CFA) operations with the focus on landowner returns.

■ The survey’s focus is combinable crops and reports on 21,000 hectares of combinable cropping area

■ The average farm (combinable crops) size is just over 360 hectares

■ National coverage

■ Predominant soil types are clay and loam with three quarters of farms on grade 3 land.

■ Just under half of participants reported a moderate to severe blackgrass problem compared to two-thirds in Harvest 2014.

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