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Established 25 years ago, this year Savills Rural Research is celebrating a significant milestone. Since then, farmland values have increased significantly and there seems little to hinder their performance in the near future.

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Strong demand in agricultural land


2010, which marks a significant milestone for Savills Rural Research, was a year of highs and lows.

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View into 2012


Strong demand for good quality commercial farms despite limited value growth across Great Britain.

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Profile of buyers


The types of buyers of farmland have been changing, as have their reasons for buying.

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A move to investment sales


There has been little change in the main types of sellers of farmland, but the primary reasons for selling have shifted towards more investment linked sales.

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Investment performance of farmland


Farmland has recently proved to be a recession proof investment.

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Values across the market


Farmland values continue to rise steadily, though with clear regional variations.

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Regional variation in supply


Despite an increase in the volume of publicly marketed farmland, supply remains tight.


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