Savills Talks - residential market update

Find out where the UK residential property market is heading by watching a series of interviews with Lucian Cook and Susan Emmett.

November 2013

What is really happening to house prices?


In the past six months, speculation over whether there could be a recovery in the housing market has mutated into speculation as to whether we are on the cusp of a housing bubble.

Will there be continued demand for privately rented homes?


Our recent survey of 2,800 existing private sector tenants shows that people are renting for longer due to the prohibitive cost of raising a deposit to buy a property.

What is the market like for home buyers?


The housing market has undoubtedly picked up this year, with the bouyancy we have seen in London in the last few years begining to ripple out to the regions. But the market is fragmented and your experience depends where you are in the country.


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