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Residential Property Focus 2015 Issue 2
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24 June 2015, by Lucian Cook, Sophie Chick and Neal Hudson

Lucian Cook, Sophie Chick and Neal Hudson discuss the complexities of the housing market post-election.


Mainstream Forecast

With the election done and dusted, will we see a surge of demand into the mainstream markets? In this forecast, we consider the post-election prospects for the mainstream housing markets, particularly in light of the mortgage regulations introduced in April last year.


Prime Market

It was no surprise that the prime housing market stalled in the run up to the election; given most people believed the result was too close to call and there were possible effects of some of the policies being promoted, in particular a mansion tax.



The housing market remains an attractive investment opportunity. Owning a home is affordable for many thanks to low mortgage rates, but the problem is that buying a home is far less affordable. The market is split between those who can raise a deposit and those who can’t.


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