Mediation - a path to rural resolution

    There are several methods to resolve disputes, be that through the courts, the Lands Tribunal or arbitration to name but a few options.

    The importance of being proportionate in costs cannot be over emphasised in contentious matters and thus the traditional methods to achieve resolution are often becoming unrealistic. Arbitration as well as the other methods to litigate over rental disputes, dilapidations, and many other issues have become a cumbersome process. To offer mediation, before the escalation of litigation costs, offers a real opportunity to settle. The vast majority of disputes will settle during mediation, because the creative positive process overcomes uncertainty, legal costs and limitations that an adversarial process brings.

    Mediation is an opportunity for agreement before a final commitment is made to court-based litigation.  A mediator will shuttle between the parties to find a solution and negotiate an agreement and in this way the process offers a thorough exploration of the issues and may, even if unsuccessful, narrow several contentious issues.  Also, within a cost award an arbitrator is likely to look favourably upon the party which had offered mediation in the first instance.

    In order to meet this increasing trend and demand Savills has recently launched a Mediation Service providing a highly select Mediation Panel, consisting of only six members whose service is commercially cutting edge and by no means limited to property or valuation negligence cases. Core experience of specialist negotiation skills enable us to assist in all types of mediation. In any one day this may involve an intellectual property rights dispute, a dispute regarding property boundaries, a partnership dispute, a compulsory purchase matter, or a divorce, the applications are endless.

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