Manor Farm

    Sale of Manor Farm reflects strength of prime arable sector


    Whilst bad weather and lack of supply may have affected the commercial arable sector  in part, here in the South, we have still seen a number of remarkable sales, most notably Manor Farm West Overton, which sold off market for in excess of the guide.  This demonstrates there is still demand for prime arable land.

    The land was acquired by the Earls of Pembroke in the 16 century, until 1917 when they sold it following the 14th Earl’s death. In the first part of the 20th Century it was farmed as part of a larger 4,000 acre estate and more recently owned by private landowning farmers. Situated near Marlborough, Manor Farm is approximately 665 acres of prime arable land which had exchanged and completed by the time it was due to be launched onto the market, for in excess of the £6million guide price. 

    Achieving approximately £10,000 per acre this land is a clear indication of the confidence that UK arable farmers are currently feeling in the wake of poor harvests, which have pushed up commodity prices and put farmers in a strong position for financing the expansion of their businesses. The signs are that if land is of high quality, there are plenty of buyers waiting to snap it up.

     ‘There is huge demand from farmers, private individuals and corporate buyers both for working farms and large blocks of commercial farmland,’ says David Cross, Head of Rural in the South and who handled the sale of Manor Farm. 

    ‘Our latest research shows that average prices for prime arable land values in England increased by 4.4% to £8,138 per acre during the second quarter and for the year to date prime arable values have increased by 6.4% against our twelve month base forecast of 8.8%.

    ‘Farmland is undoubtedly one of the top performing asset classes at the moment and if I was instructed to sell 200–500 acres of prime arable land, I have a list of potential buyers who would we prepared to make an offer.”



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