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    Property Management

    Property management

    We make sure we keep up to date with current legislation and that we follow recommended best practice guidance where residential lettings are concerned.


    Powered gates

    There are specific hazards associated with powered gates, especially where children may be present at a property either as residents, neighbours or as passers by. Therefore landlords need to ensure safety measures are taken with regards to powered gates:

    Gates should be maintained by a reputable company who regularly test the safety features of the gate to ensure they are set and working correctly - they should use measuring equipment to test closing forces. A log must be kept of this maintenance.

    If you have powered gates please contact for further guidance.

    Dishwashers safety

    Bosch and Hotpoint have recently announced they have issues with components used in some of their dishwasher models and have advised that until an engineer can inspect the appliance that it should be unplugged and not used.

    ITV have published a list of the batch numbers affected, but there is no definitive list as the affected appliances consist of various models and parts. We have notified all managed tenants and therefore recommend that if your property is not managed that you check your records and advise your tenants if necessary. We suggest you also check your own dishwasher if applicable.

    British Gas Safety Reports warning

    These are a legal requirement for any rented property and must be carried out annually. It has come to our attention that some British Gas Reports only show the boiler having been checked and not other gas appliances in the premises. This can then result in an additional cost to a Landlord for another visit. If you are instructing BG to carry out this annual check please ensure you make it clear how many gas appliances are in the premises.