Thinking of letting your property?
    EPC countdown

    Energy Performance Certificate countdown

    Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are required to let a property legally and they last for 10 years. Part of the idea behind EPCs is to help homeowners, landlords and tenants to understand how much it will cost to heat a home and importantly, the cost benefits of making changes to the property to reduce energy consumption.


    The Green Deal Assessment

    Lower tenant utility bills are great news for landlords as the lower bills tenants pay, the less tenants disposable income is affected by rises in utility bills, making rent more assured and rises more easily absorbed.

    To help encourage you as a landlord to lower your tenant bills, the Government introduced the ‘Green Deal Assessment’ which you can now apply for. This will assess what measures you can take, such as insulating the roof and walls. The Green Deal Assessor will then compare the cost of the changes with future savings in energy.

    Rather than paying for the changes now, they can be paid over time from the changes in utility bills.

    Why take action now?

    By 2016, tenants can request an assessment and energy efficient changes to your property, these have to be approved by you, you can’t refuse reasonable requests.

    In addition, there is a critical ‘countdown’ to 2018 for a new law, which, if imposed would mean no properties with an F or G rating could be legally let (Grade 2 Listed properties are exempt).

    The Act hasn’t granted these powers yet, in the hope landlords and tenants will take advantage of the Green Deal, but if landlords don’t take action, this law may be introduced.

    How to apply

    To find out more visit for more information or call:-
    Energy Saving Advice Service (England and Wales): 0300 123 1234
    Home Energy Scotland: 0808 808 2282