Grant opportunities for farmers

Grant opportunities for farmers

While the new grant process is competitive (applications will be ranked) there are a large number of opportunities with potentially £3.471 billion of grant funding available. It is worth thinking hard about what is needed.


The new areas are: 

• Stewardship (£2.1 billion legacy schemes and £900 million new schemes)
• Countryside Productivity (£146 million)
• Growth (£177 million)
• LEADER (£138 million)

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Savills Agribusiness are well placed and have a track record to maximise these opportunities for your businesses.

Case study: We facilitated a mixed beef, sheep and arable client utilise the full potential of the previous round of capital grant funding to benefit both his business and the environment.

The business farms over 475 hectares in a conventional system, finishing over 150 head of beef cattle a year and producing 1500 fattening lambs alongside 175 hectares of cereals. The farm is located within a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone.  The farm has over 1600m2 of silage clamps used for both grass silage and storage of FYM from the beef unit prior to spreading.

We were successful in:

• Obtaining a capital grant of approximately £30,000 for the construction of a canopy roof over the entire silage clamp area to reduce the level of effluent collected from this area. Rain water is now channelled directly to a clean water source. The potential of collecting the rain water  in a rainwater harvesting system to supply water troughs on the farm is now being explored.
• The roofing will result in an estimated annual saving of £8,000 in spreading effluent, which is predominantly rainwater, and will aid with compliance with NVZ regulations.
• Obtaining full planning permission due to the size of the roof.
• Obtaining an additional  £5,000 of grant funding towards a mobile handling system and  EID reader for the sheep flock on farm increasing management efficiencies.

In addition, we are now completing an investment appraisal of a solar photovoltaic installation on the new roofing to maximise the benefits and return from the barn.

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