Poor crop prospects

    Why is there still uncertainty?

    We outline the key reasons for the uncertainty and the timetable going forward.

    • Some items have not been agreed at EU level such as capping/degressivity
    • Scribbled notes made during the negotiation process need to be checked and made public
    • Some of the treatments are ambiguous and will need publication of the legal documents and possibly implementing regulations to be certain of the intention
    • Agreement needs to be reached between the countries within the UK
    • The devolved UK administrations are yet to select which options to implement
    • Farm impacts will depend on how other countries implement the regulations and market prices at the time of implementation


    We believe we know how several of the proposals will be implemented at EU, UK and by the UK devolved administrations but until the decision is formally made and published, there is always some doubt.


    Time table:


    • Start date 1 January 2014 (although this is a transitional year with no material change compared with the current system)
    • 2015 is the start date for greening and other elements such as ‘young farmer scheme’ 2015
    • Review in 2018


    Although there are now clear deadlines progress towards these is guesswork.


    • Little additional information is likely until after the parliamentary recess at the end of August
    • Clarification in September (Informal Agricultural Council meeting 8-10 September and formal Agricultural Council meeting 23 September) is possible with the first ‘leak’ of the top-level legislation later in the month
    • Top level legislation published November or December
    • England and devolved administrations likely to consult stakeholders on options in December (may also be earlier and later consultations)
    • Publication of the enabling legislation took over five months after the publication of the main regulations following the 2005 reform but should be simpler this time - possibly simultaneously or shortly after the top level legislation?

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