CAP reform update December 2013

CAP reform Q&A - Cross border holdings

There are still a few unanswered questions but there are now strong steers on many of them and Defra are expecting to publish another detailed paper by the end of this month.

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1. I farm in England, Scotland and Wales. Are the rules the same?

The top level legislation is the same but some of the rules differ between countries. The major difference is that subsidy in Wales and Scotland will change from a system based on individual historic payments to a regional system but there are a number of other differences. For example, while there is overlap, the three countries have adopted slightly different EFA options although the crop diversification measures are the same. The application will usually be made to the administration where the most area is located.

2. How am I to manage the greening measures where I have land in different countries?

There has been no official announcement but it looks likely that the application will be presented for the whole farm, in the country containing most land. The three crop rule will apply to the whole farm so it would be possible to have a crop in each country to meet the three crop rule. The national EFA options will be applied to the land in each country but providing the area requirement is achieved, the proportion could be met in one or all of the countries where there is land.


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