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    Sunday Times Q & A: Garden Stream Fishing Rights

    Q. Our garden backs onto a stream – how do we know who has the fishing rights? EPM by email

     If you own the land next to a river, stream or ditch, you will be the ‘riparian’ owner.  The assumption is that your ownership will extend to the middle of the stream, unless specified otherwise.

    The fishing rights will usually belong to the riparian owner, but where there is game fishing for salmon or trout, the ownership of the fishing rights may have been separated from the land and could now be owned by someone else.

    Firstly you will need to check with Land Registry to see if any rights have been registered separately, or whether there is any reference to them.  In addition your neighbours will often know what has happened in the past, and it may be that earlier conveyances of your property will make reference to this, if these papers are in your possession. 

    If you do own the fishing rights and would like to fish with a rod and line, and you are over twelve years old, you will need to get a rod licence from the Post Office.  A one day licence for coarse fishing will be £3.75, whereas a full season will cost £27 or more.



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