Aspects of Land - Spring 2014

"For today’s businesses, good communication links no longer just mean accessibility to a motorway."

Anyone who lives, works or even visits the countryside can’t help but be aware of the challenges rural communities face, whether that’s a freak weather incident or lack of access to the internet. 

For today’s businesses, good communication links no longer just mean accessibility to a motorway. It is also vital to provide more housing to encourage people to live in the countryside. More homes will provide more people to support local amenities and facilities, which otherwise could disappear. 

Developments in the energy industry have opened up the opportunities to produce green energy and increasingly our clients are embracing the potential it offers.

These are a few of the topics discussed in this magazine, which we hope you find an interesting read. If you would like to discuss these subjects please get in touch.

Philip Gready, Head of Savills Rural


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Philip Gready

Philip Gready

Executive Director
Rural, Energy & Projects Division

Savills Margaret Street

+44 (0) 20 3107 5470

+44 (0) 20 3107 5470


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