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Cobham is a place of perfect matches: it’s a cosmopolitan town with a distinct village feel, and it has a thriving international community alongside a strong local identity. It takes a particular understanding to get the best out the market here, and our approach works on two levels.

We channel our expertise, using our deep knowledge of the neighbourhood and its market to get the best for our clients. Also, we offer very broad coverage of the aspirational Elmbridge area by effectively working as one with our offices in Esher and Weybridge. Buyers who visit just one of our offices are able to access all that Elmbridge has to offer, maximising their chances of finding the perfect home and ensuring that our clients find the right buyer quickly.

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How do we work with our clients on property in Cobham and Oxshott?

Our services are tailored to the needs of our high-calibre clientele, with new homes and development teams working alongside our sales and lettings experts. We maintain seamless links with our all-important central London offices and dedicated international desks.

Ian Camplin who has been selling houses in Cobham for over 20 years and heads the office, promotes the activities of all six of our Surrey offices. He works closely with our offices in south west London to keep in touch with the all-important buyers from central London who underpin the highly lucrative Elmbridge market.

We provide a high quality residential lettings service covering Elmbridge, Cobham, Oxshott and the surrounding area. Our lettings team are experienced local agents who can find the right property for you or find the right tenants for your property  

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