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KYC Documentation Administrator - Margaret Street

Job Description:

To ensure that all documentation is identified, collected, managed and stored to meet KYC/AML/CTF requirements of the business and regulatory requirements.

KYC/AML/CTF documents include: Clients, Counterparties (both real estate (purchases and sales) and other transactions such as debt and derivative transactions) Agents, Investment Partners and any other individual or organisation that are involved with transfer of money.

KYC – Know you client
AML – Anti- Money Laundering
CTF – Counter Terrorist Financing

Key Responsibilities:

  • Liaison with Compliance, Fund Finance, Client Services and Business development to identify and collect all Anti-Money Laundering document required by regulations and any additional Know Your Client documents required by the business.
  • With respect to 1. above, develop and maintain checklists of documents required by jurisdiction, and type of business with respect to Individual and organisation.
  • Manage receipt and storing of documents to ensure that all documents are properly administered, including chasing outstanding collections and ensuring that documentation can be swiftly retrieved when required.
  • Carry out sanction checking using World Check system to ensure that Counter Terrorist Financing requirements are met.
  • Carry out risk assessment of clients, etc and conduct on-going AML and CTF checks as indicated by the assessment.
  • Should collection of documentation, sanction checking or on-going checks result in any areas of concern, then reporting to and liaising with the Money Laundering Reporting Officer to ensure that the necessary investigations and reporting to authorities is undertaken.
  • With respect to the above the role will include all new business and all existing business. Existing business will require separate due diligence, additional collection of information as required, and bringing the current disparate process under a single central process for control.
  • Maintain good understanding of the regulatory and business requirements for KYC/AML/CTF.

Candidate Profile:

  • No prior experience essential but previous knowledge of compliance, financial services or real estate would be advantageous.
  • Good planning and organisational skills to structure administration work and manage time effectively.
  • Good attention to detail to ensure adherence with regulation.
  • Strong learning ambition as developing understanding of business and regulations is key to advancement.
  • Strong communications skills, with employees, clients and business partners to ensure requirements are understood and adhered with.
  • Strong problem solving skills to indentify improvement and solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Responsibilities

  • No direct responsibilities, but will need to have good regulatory understanding in this area of expertise and will need to report to and take direction from the Money Laundering Reporting Officer to meet his regulatory responsibilities.

Application Details:

Please apply via e-mail enclosing a CV and your current salary details to:

Freya Kendall

Salary details available upon application, commensurate with experience and skills.

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Freya Kendall

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