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'Mini me' culture is big business for childrenswear brands

An insatiable interest in how celebrities dress their kids has turned childrenswear into a multi-billion dollar market.

The trend began around 2008 when the public became fascinated by two-year-old Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, wearing $1,000 Bergdorf Goodman dresses. Today, designs worn by Prince George and Princess Charlotte sell as fast as those worn by their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge. When Prince George shook hands with Barack Obama wearing a My 1st Years robe in 2016, it sold out within the hour. 

Daily exposure via social media to what celebrity children wear combined with a rise in ‘mini-me’ culture, where parents and children wear matching outfits, means childrenswear is becoming increasingly big business. This is particularly so at the top end of the market, with brands such as D&G, Stella McCartney and Dior all launching their own childrenswear collections.

The Shoppes at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands has proved the most popular location, with Gucci, Kenzo, Paul Smith and Stella McCartney all opening childrenswear stores there. 

Top five luxury childrenswear brands

  1. Dolce & Gabbana The undisputed master of 'mini me' design. The company says its childrenswear line is an important complement to the adult range and an essential part of the brand’s Italian family heritage. D&G lemon print dresses and swimsuits sold out simultaneously in both adult and children’s sizes last year. 

  2. Burberry One of the first to launch a luxury childrenswear line, recognising that it would create customer loyalty from a very young age and allow parents to match their toddlers’ outfits with their own. The best-selling product for toddlers is, unsurprisingly, the trench coat. 

  3. Moncler Demand for a mini version of the famous down jacket was so well-received that the brand launched a kids' range in 2012, with jackets selling for around £500.

  4. Baby Dior Rather than a 'mini me' format, the brand offers the ultimate princess collection, epitomising the legendary Dior elegance and opulence. Dior has also launched a children’s jewellery collection. 

  5. Gucci Children If there ever was a collection that enabled kids to dress like their parents, it’s this one. Miniaturised bags and shoes, with the iconic interlocking G monogram, are available at only a slightly lower cost than the adult versions.

    Top five niche childrenswear brands

  1. Bonton This Parisian childrenswear brand epitomises cool French style and now has a store in London's Notting Hill.

  2. Il Gufo This luxurious Italian childrenswear brand is also coming to London soon with a store at Brompton Cross.

  3. La Coquetta A luxury Spanish childrenswear retailer, hailed by Vogue as the ‘only collection which makes us wish we were four’.

  4. Mini Rodini This Swedish brand caters to children and mums who like fashion but also care about sustainability. Madonna is said to be a huge fan.

Mischka Aoki Essentially haute couture for five-year-olds, with dresses at around £5,000. Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy is reported to have worn an $11,000 Mischka Aoki dress to the Video Music Awards last year.


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