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In plain English: Property launch

In a nutshell, when a property is launched it is fully available on the open market. Web links, portals, advertising, social media and possibly PR – it’s all systems go in a bid to reach the widest possible audience.

Timing a launch is paramount but that doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. Spring and early summer, when gardens and the countryside are at their most inviting, are traditionally seen as ideal, yet there can be year-round plus points. For example, a warm, cosy house on a dark winter’s day can be very appealing. A good, experienced agent will be able to advise.

A great deal of thought and preparation goes into the launch. Proper foundations need to be built to ensure a detailed description is written for both print and online, professional photographs are taken, and accurate floorplans and a brochure produced. A sale board can then be erected.

If a property is empty for any reason, perhaps it needs to be dressed? Are there any jobs that need to be done around the house? Are the rooms being shown to their full potential? Again, your agent should be able to offer a constructive opinion.

Good photography is key to capture blue skies, tidy gardens and clean rooms. This will help maximise interest from both the brochure particulars and websites, but also support any marketing or PR opportunities that might arise.

One of the most productive times for a house sale is in the few weeks leading up to the launch when we can offer the property privately. Sometimes buyers will pay a premium to stop the property going to the open market where it could tempt further competition.

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