Leyton House, Leys Road, Oxshott, Surrey – £20,000 pcm

Renting in Surrey's Private Estates

Our recent blog series, A guide to Surrey’s Private Estates, looked at the history of Surrey’s prestigious enclaves and how they came to be the residential hubs they are today. Although the series focused on buyers in these areas, the estates also attract high-net worth individuals and families who opt to rent rather than buy as a lifestyle choice.

A typical tenant here is similar to the typical purchaser, whether that be a wealthy entrepreneur, a CEO, a celebrity or a professional sports person. These tenants tend to look for either brand new, or newly refurbished, luxury mansion houses that offer modern and contemporary living.

Some of the key features requested include indoor leisure complexes, cinema rooms, garaging for multiple cars and even helipads. This is particularly the case with young, mobile, global entrepreneurs who live more transient lifestyles. Moving from country to country, they look for turnkey properties with everything included, so they can turn up and move straight in. For these tenants a furnished property is also a major selling point. The security and privacy that each private road and estate offers also appeals, particularly for high-profile individuals or those with young families.

So why are they choosing not to buy? For some of those who only need a base here for a few years, the 2014 stamp duty changes are a deterrent. The cost of renting for the short term can make more financial sense than the equivalent purchasing costs they would incur. 

For others, flexibility is key. This is particularly relevant for those who are moving for work and could be relocated at any time, or international families whose needs may change based on their children’s schooling or work.

Rental values for these properties range between £5,000 and £50,000 per month, depending on the estate, and are often marketed discreetly. So if you’re looking to rent here what really counts is who you know, not what you know.


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