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Top tips for installing a swimming pool

As summer kicks in and temperatures rise many of us long for a pool of our own to dive into. But before you take the plunge, here's what you need to consider:

How do you plan to use your swimming pool – will it be for seasonal use or for use all year round?

For many, an outdoor pool will form part of a wider entertaining space, used largely for social purposes in the warmer months. But if you're intending to use it to keep fit, come rain or shine, an indoor pool is a better bet.

What about the style and shape?

The next step is to work out where your pool will go and what style and shape it will take. Swimming pool design has come on leaps and bounds over the years, with colourful tiles and kidney-shaped pools being phased out and replaced by lane pools, infinity pools and even pools with moving floors if space is tight. All tend to be finished with clean and contemporary lines and tiles that complement the property's interior design and architecture. Glass pools are increasing in popularity, as are underwater pool windows similar to those in exclusive holiday resorts.

How about maintenance and installation costs?

Installing a swimming pool can vary in price, depending on specification, size and

position. Once in place, there’s the running and maintenance expenditure to consider, so setting a budget and being aware of the on-going costs is important. Nevertheless, clever measures such as making a pool as energy efficient as possible can make a real difference.

What other features could I implement alongside my pool?

It’s not just about functionality – by adding other features and accessories you will enhance the space. These might include anything from wellness areas with hammams, hydrotherapy pools, ice plunge pools, saunas and steam rooms to full leisure complexes incorporating dining and entertaining facilities.

Will a pool add value to a property?

Certain high-end buyers view a swimming pool as a must-have feature, reflecting the premium lifestyle they lead. And yes, a swimming pool can add value, though this is difficult to quantify.


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