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Relocating to Jersey? Here's what you need to know

With its picture-postcard image, famed golden beaches, pretty countryside and spectacular historic sites, Jersey is a wonderful place to live. But buying property on the island differs from mainland transactions and there are certain criteria to meet if you want to relocate here.

First, you must get a registration card, which includes details of your name, social security number and residential and employment status (you also need one if you already live on the island and want to move to a new home, whether bought or rented, or start a new job).

In addition, though a fixed pool of houses is available on the open market, most property on Jersey is regulated and buyers must qualify for residency according to local connections, essential employment or tax contribution.

There are four residential statuses, which determine where you can work and live. These are:

  • Entitled: Someone who has lived in Jersey for 10 years. They can buy, sell or lease any property on the island and work anywhere without requiring permission to be employed.

  • Licensed: Someone who is an ‘essential employee’. They can buy, sell or lease any property, apart from first-time buyer restricted or social rented housing, in their own name if they keep their ‘licensed’ status. An employer needs permission to employ a ‘licensed’ person.

  • Entitled for work: Someone who has lived in Jersey for five consecutive years, or is married to someone who is ‘entitled’, ‘licensed’, or ‘entitled for work’. They can buy property jointly with an ‘entitled’ spouse/ civil partner and they can lease ‘registered’ property as a main place of residence. They are able to work anywhere and don’t need permission to be employed.

  • Registered: Someone who does not qualify under the other categories. They can lease ‘registered’ property as a main place of residence and an employer needs permission to employ them.

Jersey’s Chief Minister can grant ‘entitled’ status to a high-value resident if he is satisfied that doing so will have a social or economic benefit and it is in the best interests of the community. If ‘entitled’ status is granted, you can buy or lease property in Jersey as your main place of residence on the island. The Population Office normally requires that you buy or lease a high-value property. Generally, this is a property valued in excess of £1.75m. 

Once residency requirements have been met, there is a superb choice of property on offer, ranging from chic apartments and cottages to traditional granite farmhouses and sizeable estates.

There is no one, favoured area on Jersey – all parts of the island are desirable, although cosmopolitan and historic St Helier is an obvious focus. 

Jersey’s landscape is astonishingly varied, and it is this that dictates choice of location. The north west corner, around St Ouen and St Peter, is very like Cornwall, with sheer cliffs and high ground; in the south east, near Grouville, the flat scenery is redolent of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The majority of the residential property, along with the best beaches and the airport, is in the west of the island. The east is also popular as a great deal of the coastal properties have terrific views of the French coastline.

A three-bedroom house can cost from as little as £350,000 to over £1m, depending where it is and what it has to offer.

Here's a selection of Jersey properties for sale if you're thinking about making the move:

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