Yorkshire vs Lancashire

Yorkshire vs Lancashire: who wins property gold?

The rivalry between the historic counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire stretches back to the War of the Roses in 1455. Fortunately, the north-north divide is largely of a friendly nature today, as most recently demonstrated in the world of sport. The Rio Olympics saw both regions claiming their fair share of glory: Lancashire's Greater Manchester, home of the velodrome where Team GB’s train, can claim victory in the cycling, while Greater Yorkshire* can do the same in the swimming and boxing.

But when it comes to house prices, how do the residential markets of the two counties compare?

Land registry data shows that the average house price in Greater Yorkshire for the 12 months to May 2016 stands at £175,524, compared with £171,040 in Greater Manchester. This edge can be seen across figures stretching back to May 2011. However by price growth, it is Greater Manchester that takes gold, delivering a five-year price growth of 13 per cent compared with 10.2 per cent in Greater Yorkshire.


Source: Savills Research using Land Registry

In addition, the devolution of power from Westminster to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority agreed in 2014 is already well underway, with its first ever mayor due to be elected in 2017. Whether this is mirrored by its neighbours in Yorkshire is still yet to be seen.

* For research purposes, “Greater Yorkshire” has been defined as the ceremonial counties of North Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire combined.

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