The Beach House, Padstow, Cornwall

Interactive map: Britain's coastal hotspots

Living by the coast appeals to people from all walks of life, from second-home buyers and downsizers to young professionals and families, but this lifestyle choice invariably comes at a price. On average, buyers of homes within 100 metres of the coast pay a premium of 11.7 per cent for proximity to the sea, according to our latest research.

With such a diverse coastline, there is much on offer to a potential buyer, from peaceful sandy beaches and rugged rural, to the bustling towns and cities of more traditional seaside locations.

Ultra prime locations – often traditionally long-established areas such as Padstow in Cornwall and Aldeburgh in Suffolk – have an average detached sale price above £400,000 and a premium above the country average of at least 50 per cent.

Areas which indicate further potential and room for price growth are identified as emerging prime coastal locations. These towns have seen the highest rate of growth above the county average over the last five years, have an average sale price over £265,000, but still command less than 25 per cent premium above the county average.

The interactive map below shows values at different points all around the coast, and identifies the top Ultra Prime and Emerging Prime locations in Britain.


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