Fulham selling tips

Tips for selling property in Fulham

Knowing your potential buyers is the first step to marketing your property. Here are five top tips for selling your home in Fulham.

1. Fulham has an established reputation as a prime location for families due to the excellent schooling choices and we are used to a high level of demand for family houses. As the current political climate has resulted in the prime London property market becoming less predictable, Fulham sellers should anticipate a longer window of between one and four months within which to sell to avoid frustration. The more attractively the property is priced, the greater the initial wave of interest is likely to be, so pricing and timing should be considered in parallel when deciding on a sale strategy. 

2. Buyers are becoming increasingly more discerning, therefore attention to detail in the presentation of a property is essential. If you have areas of peeling paint, fraying carpet or discoloured grouting, consider redecorating these areas prior to marketing so that the property can be presented with a seamless finish.

3. Viewings may be conducted during the day or evening, therefore the lighting in a house or flat is incredibly important. Consider investing in some strategically placed lamps or higher wattage bulbs to ensure your property is well lit, allowing buyers the best possible first impression. 

4. Festive decoration, whether flowers for spring or a wreath on the door at Christmas, can warm the hearts of potential buyers, especially those with children. Festive smells can also evoke a sense of homeliness and comfort so investing in a few scented candles might boost the seasonal spirit.

5. On cooler evenings, don’t forget to set the timer for the heating so that buyers are welcomed by warmth when they view. This is especially important for empty properties – set the timer for key viewing periods ie, 10:30-11:30am and 4:30-5:30pm, as well as Saturday mornings.



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