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Love London: Tips for selling property in Westminster

Appealing to both international investors and domestic buyers is vital in Westminster. Here are five top tips.

1. Westminster buyers love volume almost more than square footage; they look for high ceilings and impressive lateral spaces. Enhance this feeling with sensible furnishings, mirrors and artwork in portrait rather than landscape, and floor length curtains.

2. Natural light is also highly sought after so make sure your curtains are pulled fully back and avoid blinds or drapes that block the top of the window. Around 80% cent of light comes through the top 20 per cent, so make sure this is clear and let the light flood in.

3. Westminster’s central and incredibly well-connected location, is very attractive to buyers and investors - around 35 per cent of homes are rented here. If your property is unfurnished, it is worth dressing it for viewings so that investors can see what the rooms can take; it can be tricky to imagine a double bed in an empty smaller room.

4. A lot of buyers are requesting fully furnished properties and it’s well worth considering this as an option when preparing your property for sale and viewings. It used to be mainly international buyers who looked for this, but we are seeing more domestic buyers wanting the benefits of a fully furnished apartment where they can easily move in with little more than a toothbrush.

5. Westminster is currently undergoing a massive amount of redevelopment and attracting better shops and businesses. Some really exciting new restaurants are coming to the area (Jamie Oliver’s has just opened) and the fantastic new Curzon Cinema on Victoria Street. Make sure potential buyers are made aware of what’s coming so they know how great the neighbourhood is.



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