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6 of the Best...Properties for Northern swimmers

More than 10,000 swimmers will dive into Lake Windermere this weekend for The Great North Swim, Europe's biggest open water swimming event. But not everyone in the North will be submerging themselves in Windermere's chilly waters – some will be taking a more relaxing dip in their own pools.  

There is a view that we live too far north and get too much rain for an outdoor pool to be a sensible option. The reality is that the difference in weather is marginal, and in any event children don't care – if the weather is miserable they simply pull on a wet suit.

There is also a fear that a pool will be costly to run and get little use. I see the wonderful fun that they can offer families. I certainly believe they add value, with purchasers buying into the lifestyle benefits of pool ownership and accepting the running costs, which, in anycase, can be mitigated in a number of ways.

These six pool properties are all perfect for anyone planning to take the plunge.


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