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Party walls and iPads

The innovation of technology touches all areas of life and in particular has begun to change the traditional practice of professional surveying. Not long ago, the idea of a surveyor taking an image for a report with a mobile device would have been considered unprofessional. However, those days are gone and in many sectors it is now recommended rather than frowned upon.

Change can be a slow process, impacting on different sectors of the market at different times. While surveyors have been quick to adopt innovative means of using technology for pre-purchase reports, this approach has yet to catch on and filter through to other areas of the profession.

However, commercial client expectation has changed dramatically with the advancement of technology.The age-old adage of time equals money being more relevant than ever before.

Savills Neighbourly Matters team is now part of a formal pilot study to test the effectiveness and efficiency of undertaking party wall schedules of condition via an iPad application. Traditionally, the approach of handwritten notes, the typing up and collection of images resulted in a collect-format-issue three stage process, which would be typically spread over a week. The new iPad application will allow the data collected to be turned around and issued on the same day to the owners of the property in an approved format.

The pilot app should result in an industry product launched before the end of the year. Upon completion, the potential time saving for developers on major projects will be significant. 

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