Selling without the hype - The rising popularity of private sales

How to buy prime property in a private sale

In elite enclaves, such as London's Knightsbridge and Belgravia, nearly a quarter of Savills prime flat sales are completed without the property ever reaching the open market. 

So if you're looking for a prime property and becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of choice, it's time to try a new tactic. By joining the books of a private sales portfolio you could dramatically increase your access to the top-end properties.

Who sells property by private sale?

Anyone with a high net worth and/or a high profile who is attracted by the anonymity and discretion of selling a property by private sale. Private sellers only see a small number of carefully selected buyers, all of whom have been financially checked, vetted and are ready to move. These private sellers know that news of the sale will not become public knowledge until after the fact.

Private sales increase the pool of potential buyers

If a property is in the super prime category, with the kind of scale, pricing and internal fit-out that only a small number of people will really appreciate, then buyers have to be targeted directly. But finding these buyers is tricky. They may be anywhere in the world and are unlikely to be trawling websites or checking agents' windows on a regular basis.

The best place to find buyers for super prime property is on the books of a private sale agency. These potential purchasers have already discussed their requirements with a trusted agent. They wait for their agent to alert them when the right property becomes available, and they, in turn, are ready to act when that property comes up. 

Further information

Savills private portfolio spans 600 offices, including London-based Russian, Chinese and Indian desks and a private wealth management team.

To find out more about Savills private portfolio, visit our Central London offices online.

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