The Importance of Bathrooms

The rise of the multi-bathroom property

In less than 100 years, the bathroom has gone from being a luxury afforded only by the very wealthy, to something we all take for granted. But after decades of managing with just one ‘family’ bathroom, supplemented perhaps by an en suite bathroom in the master suite, many of us are coming to the conclusion that what we really need is a bathroom for every bedroom.

There’s no doubt that adding a bathroom makes financial sense. An en suite bathroom in a London property valued around £1.6 million could increase that value by as much as 3-5%.

No room for another bathroom? The good news is that you can create a functional space in a minimum of 4.4 sq metres, and there are plenty of options, from sacrificing a small bedroom or creating a Jack and Jill bathroom, to squeezing a wet room into a storage area or plumbing a freestanding bath into the bedroom.

More important than size is presentation.

William Duckworth-Chad, Director of Savills Knightsbridge, says:

“Multiple bathrooms are certainly creeping up the list of must-haves for prospective buyers, and they are quite clear about what they want. Carpets are a definite no-no; there must be a separate shower and bath; and ideally great natural light.

“Bathrooms are comparatively inexpensive to refit so buyers are more flexible on the overall finish, with around a third likely to update it after they move in. However, it’s important to note that a badly fitted bathroom in need of an update might indicate shabby plumbing throughout.

On the other hand, you can never over-do it. William Duckworth-Chad adds:

“In the grandest homes in London you can find examples of ‘his’ and ‘her’ bathrooms, made from the finest marble with built-in TVs and dressing rooms attached.”

Lindsay Cuthill, Head of Savills Country Department, says:

“At the top end of the market premium products, such as underfloor heating, constant hot water and high-pressure showers, are expected. Separating the WC from the rest of the bathroom is becoming increasingly popular. We’re even beginning to see Japanese WASHLETs in areas within the Home Counties where there is a strong London and international presence.”

If you decide not to add a bathroom, at least think about where extra bathrooms might go. If a property doesn’t come with the required number of bathrooms, it’s a good idea to highlight how and where these can be added.

It’s a tip that applies equally to buying a property: if there isn’t a bathroom each, how easy would they be to add? 

Need inspiration? View our selection of top bathrooms. 



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