10 ways to make the ideal workplace

How to create the ideal workplace environment

You do not necessarily need to 'wow' staff or prospective occupiers to make a workspace attractive, but you do need to get the basics right. The following check list will help landlords and occupiers ensure their offices are happy and productive environments.

1. Comfort of work area

The ideal office temperature (climate control and air conditioning), lighting (natural daylight or daylight bulbs), and noise reduction all help to create a better work environment.

2. Kitchen facilities

Providing adequate kitchen facilities can have a significant impact on staff happiness without the need for significant capital expenditure.

3. Increase Wi-Fi

Increasing the availability of internet access can be provided with relative ease and without extensive refurbishment. This can be done in common parts, such as reception and atriums, as well as the office space.

4. Improve security

Staff want to know they, and their possessions, are safe at work, from the moment they park their cars and access the building.

5. Better meeting room and breakout areas

Providing space for teams to get away from their desks to collaborate can help increase communication and productivity.

6. On-site café

Space-permitting, create an on-site café to host informal client meetings and events. If you have the empty wall space why not use it to show off the work of local artists?

7. Improve ‘Green’ policies

Workers want to know that their company, and by association their workplace, adheres to sustainable policies. The ‘Green’ measures to consider range from EPC and BREEAM ratings of the landlord’s building to the SKA rating of the occupier’s fit out.

8. Green space or roof terrace

If you have the luxury of outside space, then maximise its usage by making it a feature for staff. Landlords should think about adding furniture to make outdoor space feel inviting.

9. Better changing and shower facilities

Such facilities are a real bonus for staff who cycle or run to work, or get out for a run or gym session at lunchtime. Landlords should think about the practical implications of how workers will use these facilities.

10. Parking spaces and bicycle storage

For out-of-town locations parking remains critical, but consider lighting, security, directional signage to improve the overall environment. For city centre occupiers, plentiful bicycle storage and security are what employees want.

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